Kevin McCowan

I was eight years old when I first helped my father in his darkroom basement our Long Island home. It was the summer of 1960.  The smell of the chemicals, the red light, the magic as I watched my first photo come to live in a tray of developer.  I was hooked. 


I began my photography career as a Navy Photojournalist in 1970.  After graduating from Syracuse University in 1975, Kevin became personal photographer to the Commander in Chief of the Pacific.  During his 4 years on the staff, Kevin had the honor of producing a photo album for President Ford for his visit for to Hawaii for the bicentennial as well as photographing Emperor Hirohito’s first steps on American soil.  After 8 years in the Navy, Kevin began his civilian career producing slide shows for corporate meetings in the islands.  Over the past 30 years, Kevin has photographed hundreds of events throughout the world.  From Executive portraits to news events.

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