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Hawaii Five 0 films a two hour season opener on several miltary bases.  Steve McGarrett serves his two week resevere duty as Commander McGarrett in “Murder Eyes Only”

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Navy home ports USS Midway to Yokuska Japan, tens of thousands protest

C130 crash 01 - 150

C130 Crashes on Guam during Vietnam War - 9 die in fire

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Frank Sinatra sings to the sailors on the USS Midway while underway in Tokyo Bay


Crater Festival 1977

Diamond Head Cater

 Honolulu, Hawaii

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Emperor Hirihoto of Japan places first step on American soil at Hicham AFB

President Ford visits Pearl Harbor for bicentennial celebrations

Human Interest Features

Donna ----- cellebrates her first day in the life as a new shcool teacher

Waimiea surgar company for seedling to harvest

Charlies Angles film the season opener at Sandy Beach.  This is the one and only episode to include all 4 angles.